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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Stable discretizations of elastic flow in {R}iemannian manifoldsBarrett, JW; Garcke, H; Nürnberg, R
-Rigorous bounds on the stationary distributions of the chemical master equation via mathematical programmingKuntz, J; Thomas, P; Stan, G-B; Barahona, M; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
24-Sep-2018Families of bianchi modular symbols: critical base-change p-adic L-functions and p-adic Artin formalismSalazar, DB; Williams, C; Wang-Erickson, C
20-Jun-2019P-adic asai L-functions of bianchi modular formsWilliams, C; Loeffler, D
28-Mar-2006Singular solutions for geodesic flows of Vlasov momentsGibbons, J; Holm, DD; Tronci, C
18-Apr-2019Long-time behaviour and phase transitions for the McKean--Vlasov equation on the torusCarrillo, JA; Gvalani, RS; Pavliotis, GA; Schlichting, A
27-May-2019Numerical approximation of the stochastic Cahn-Hilliard equation near the sharp interface limitAntonopoulou, D; Banas, L; Nürnberg, R; Prohl, A
27-Jul-2019A Particle Filter for Stochastic Advection by Lie Transport (SALT): A case study for the damped and forced incompressible 2D Euler equationCotter, C; Crisan, D; Holm, DD; Pan, W; Shevchenko, I, et al
25-Mar-1999A nonlinear analysis of the averaged euler equationsHolm, DD; Kouranbaeva, S; Marsden, JE; Ratiu, T; Shkoller, S
23-Mar-2001Navier-stokes-alpha model: LES equations with nonlinear dispersionDomaradzki, JA; Holm, DD