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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Sep-2012Dangers of using the edges of the Brillouin zoneCraster, RV; Antonakakis, T; Makwana, M; Guenneau, S
30-Nov-2015Dynamic effective anisotropy: Asymptotics, simulations, and microwave experiments with dielectric fibersCeresoli, L; Abdeddaim, R; Antonakakis, T; Maling, B; Chmiaa, M, et al
16-Jun-2017Clamped seismic metamaterials: Ultra-low broad frequency stop-bandsAchaoui, Y; Antonakakis, T; Brule, S; Craster, RV; Enoch, S, et al
29-Apr-2016Transformation seismology: composite soil lenses for steering surface elastic Rayleigh waves.Colombi, A; Guenneau, S; Roux, P; Craster, RV; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
20-Jun-2017Unveiling extreme anisotropy in elastic structured mediaLefebvre, G; Antonakakis, T; Achaoui, Y; Craster, RV; Guenneau, S, et al
6-Jan-2016Wave mechanics in media pinned at bravais lattice pointsMakwana, M; Antonakakis, T; Maling, B; Guenneau, S; Craster, RV, et al
21-Dec-2015Modulation of diffusion rate of therapeutic peptide drugs using graphene oxide membranesPuvirajesinghe, TM; Zhi, ZL; Craster, RV; Guenneau, S; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
20-May-2011On a class of three-phase checkerboards with unusual effective propertiesCraster, RV; Guenneau, S; Kaplunov, J; Nolde, E
8-Jan-2015Rayleigh-Bloch waves along elastic diffraction gratingsColquitt, DJ; Craster, RV; Antonakakis, T; Guenneau, S
1-Nov-2014Homogenisation for elastic photonic crystals and dynamic anisotropyAntonakakis, T; Craster, RV; Guenneau, S