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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2011On surfactant-enhanced spreading and superspreading of liquid drops on solid surfacesKarapetsas, G; Craster, RV; Matar, OK
17-Mar-2009Pinning, Retraction, and Terracing of Evaporating Droplets Containing NanoparticlesCraster, RV; Matar, OK; Sefiane, K
25-Jun-2012Compound viscous thread with electrostatic and electrokinetic effectsConroy, DT; Matar, OK; Craster, RV; Papageorgiou, DT
6-Nov-2012Nonequilibrium hysteresis and Wien effect water dissociation at a bipolar membraneConroy, DT; Craster, RV; Matar, OK; Cheng, L-J; Chang, H-C
10-Jun-2015Superspreading: Mechanisms and Molecular DesignTheodorakis, P; Kovalchuk, NM; Starov, VM; Muller, EA; Craster, RV, et al
9-Nov-2016A Langevin model for fluctuating contact angle behaviour parametrised using molecular dynamicsSmith, ER; Müller, EA; Craster, RV; Matar, OK
6-Jun-2017Physical insights into the blood-brain barrier translocation mechanismsTheodorakis, PE; Muller, EA; Craster, RV; Matar, OK; , et al
1-Nov-2018Simulation of immiscible liquid-liquid flows in complex microchannel geometries using a front-tracking schemeKahouadji, L; Nowak, E; Kovalchuk, N; Chergui, J; Juric, D, et al
9-Jan-2017Dynamics of spreading thixotropic dropletsUppal, AS; Matar, OK; Craster, RV;
18-Nov-2015The effect of adsorption kinetics on the rate of surfactant-enhanced spreadingKovalchuk, NM; Matar, OK; Craster, RV; Miller, R; Starov, VM, et al