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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2003Polygonal N-vortex arrays: A Stuart modelCrowdy, D
25-Feb-2003The nonlinear instability of thread-annular flow at high Reynolds numberWalton, AG
8-Aug-2003Hyperelliptic reduction of the Benney moment equationsBaldwin, S; Gibbons, J
31-Dec-2003Stochastic programming for power production and trading under uncertaintyNowak,M.P.; Nurnberg,R.; Romisch,W.; Schultz,R.; Westphalen,M., et al
1-Jun-2003Chaotic mixing in a torus map.Thiffeault, JL; Childress, S
1-Aug-2003Viscous sintering of unimodal and bimodal cylindrical packings with shrinking poresCrowdy, D
1-Jul-2003Decay of correlations in one-dimensional dynamicsBruin, H; Luzzatto, S; Van Strien, S
1-Jan-2003The onset of dissipation in the kinematic dynamoThiffeault, JL; Boozer, AH
10-Mar-2003Finite extension of polymers in turbulent flowThiffeault, JL
1-May-2003Normal forms and unfoldings of linear systems in eigenspaces of (anti)-automorphisms of order twoHoveijn, I; Lamb, JSW; Roberts, RM