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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Nov-2018Large algebraic connectivity fluctuations in spatial network ensembles imply a predictive advantage from node location informationGarrod, M; Jones, NS
1-Sep-2012What Evidence Is There for the Homology of Protein-Protein Interactions?Lewis, AC; Jones, NS; Porter, MA; Deane, CM
8-Dec-2015Energetic constraints on fungal growthHeaton, L; Jones, NS; Fricker, M
1-Nov-2017hctsa: A computational framework for automated timeseries phenotyping using massive feature extractionFulcher, B; Jones, NS;
1-Sep-2014Errors in reported degrees and respondent driven sampling: Implications for biasMills, HL; Johnson, S; Hickman, M; Jones, NS; Colijn, C, et al
1-Mar-2012Phylogenetic inference for function-valued traits: speech sound evolutionAston, JAD; Buck, D; Coleman, J; Cotter, CJ; Jones, NS, et al
8-Mar-2012Mitochondrial Variability as a Source of Extrinsic Cellular NoiseJohnston, IG; Gaal, B; das Neves, RP; Enver, T; Iborra, FJ, et al
13-Sep-2016The state of vaccine confidence 2016: global insights through a 67-country surveyLarson, HJ; De Figueiredo, A; Xiahong, Z; Schulz, WS; Verger, P, et al
20-Feb-2013Function-valued traits in evolutionJones, NS; Hadjipantelis, PZ; Moriarty, J; Springate, DA; Knight, CG
26-Jun-2019Energetic costs of cellular and therapeutic control of stochastic mitochondrial DNA populationsHoitzing, H; Gammage, PA; Haute, LV; Minczuk, M; Johnston, IG, et al