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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2012Abelian Manna model in three dimensions and belowHoai, NH; Pruessner, G
20-Aug-2015Statistical mechanics of 'Unwanted Electroactuation' in nanoporous supercapacitorsRochester, CC; Pruessner, G; Kornyshev, AA;
18-Oct-2010Abelian Manna model on two fractal latticesHuynh, HN; Chew, LY; Pruessner, G
8-Apr-2016Directed Abelian sandpile with multiple downward neighborsDhar, D; Pruessner, G; Expert, P; Christensen, K; Zachariou, N, et al
20-May-2016Percolation mechanism drives actin gels to the critically connected stateLee, CF; Pruessner, G
5-Apr-2016Charging Ultra-nanoporous Electrodes with Size-asymmetric Ions Assisted by Apolar SolventRochester, CC; Kondrat, S; Pruessner, G; Kornyshev, AA
15-Dec-2016Comment on “Finite-size scaling of survival probability in branching processes”Wei, N; Pruessner, G
5-May-2016Comment on "Anomalous Discontinuity at the Percolation Critical Point of Active Gels"Pruessner, G; Lee, CF
7-Nov-2017Ensembles of Bidirectional Kinesin Cin8 Produce Additive Forces in Both Directions of MovementFallesen, T; Roostalu, J; Duellberg, C; Pruessner, G; Surrey, T
6-Dec-2018Field-theoretic approach to the universality of branching processesGarcia Millan, R; Pausch, J; Walter, B; Pruessner, G