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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2014Structure of complex networks: Quantifying edge-to-edge relations by failure-induced flow redistributionSchaub, MT; Lehmann, J; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
21-Nov-2014Sequential deposition of overlapping droplets to form a liquid lineThompson, AB; Tipton, CR; Juel, A; Hazel, AL; Dowling, M
1-Jan-2014Simulating a burnt-bridges DNA motor with a coarse-grained DNA modelŠulc, P; Ouldridge, TE; Romano, F; Doye, JPK; Louis, AA
5-Aug-2014Biosensor Architectures for High-Fidelity Reporting of Cellular SignalingDushek, O; Lellouch, AC; Vaux, DJ; Shahrezaei, V
14-Jul-2014Order-by-disorder degeneracy lifting of interacting bosons on the dice latticePayrits, M; Barnett, R;
1-Jan-2014Euler-Poincaré equations for G-StrandsHolm, DD; Ivanov, RI
1-Oct-2014Regular or stochastic dynamics in families of higher-degree unimodal mapsClark, T
11-Nov-2014On the temporal stability of the coda of ambient noise correlationsColombi, A; Chaput, J; Brenguier, F; Hillers, G; Roux, P, et al
4-Jun-2014AxiSEM: broadband 3-D seismic wavefields in axisymmetric mediaNissen-Meyer, T; Van Driel, M; Stähler, SC; Hosseini, K; Hempel, S, et al
6-Nov-2014Dynamic optimization of metabolic networks coupled with gene expressionWaldherr, S; Oyarzun, DA; Bockmayr, A