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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2017Discrete and continuum links to a nonlinear coupled transport problem of interacting populationsDuong, MH; Muntean, A; Richardson, OM
19-Sep-2017Un-reduction in field theoryArnaudon, A; Lopez, MC; Holm, D
28-Nov-2017Asymptotic network models of subwavelength metamaterials formed by closely packed photonic and phononic crystalsVanel, AL; Schnitzer, O; Craster, RV;
21-Mar-2017Towards precision healthcare: context and mathematical challengesColijn, C; Jones, N; Johnston, I; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M, et al
6-Apr-2017Vertical slice modelling of nonlinear Eady waves using a compatible finite element methodYamazaki, H; Shipton, J; Cullen, MJP; Mitchell, L; Cotter, CJ, et al
4-Jan-2017Stochastic models of gene transcription with upstream drives: Exact solution and sample path characterisationDattani, J; Barahona, M;
21-Sep-2017Physical mechanisms relevant to flow resistance in textured microchannelsGame, SE; Hodes, M; Keaveny, EE; Papageorgiou, DT; , et al
14-Aug-2017From continuum mechanics to SPH particle systems and back: systematic derivation and convergenceEvers, JHM; Zisis, IA; Van der Linden, BJ; Duong, MH
28-Jun-2017Variational approach to coarse-graining of generalized gradient flowsDuong, MH; Lamacz, A; Peletier, MA; Sharma, U
1-Jun-2017Multipole Vortex Blobs (MVB): Symplectic Geometry and DynamicsHolm, DD; Jacobs, HO;