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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-May-2016Simulating infinite vortex lattices in superfluidsMingarelli, L; Keaveny, EE; Barnett, R;
1-Jun-2017Multipole Vortex Blobs (MVB): Symplectic Geometry and DynamicsHolm, DD; Jacobs, HO;
14-Jul-2014Order-by-disorder degeneracy lifting of interacting bosons on the dice latticePayrits, M; Barnett, R;
28-Feb-2019Instability, rupture and fluctuations in thin liquid films: Theory and computationsDurán-Olivencia, MA; Gvalani, RS; Kalliadasis, S; Pavliotis, GA; , et al
1-Jun-2017Shift dynamics near non-elementary T-points with real eigenvaluesKnobloch, J; Lamb, JSW; Webster, KN;
4-May-2018The multi-physics metawedge: graded arrays on fluid-loaded elastic plates and the mechanical analogues of rainbow trapping and mode conversionSkelton, E; Craster, RV; Colombi, A; Colquitt, D; , et al
7-Jun-2017A random dynamical systems perspective on stochastic resonanceCherubini, AM; Lamb, JSW; Rasmussen, M; Sato, Y; , et al
18-Jan-2017Classical density functional study of wetting transitions on nanopatterned surfaces.Yatsyshin, P; Parry, AO; Rascón, C; Kalliadasis, S; , et al
16-Oct-2018An information-theoretic approach to self-organisation: Emergence of complex interdependencies in coupled dynamical systemsRosas De Andraca, FE; Martinez Mediano, P; Ugarte, M; Jensen, H;
9-Mar-2016Variational Principles for Stochastic Soliton DynamicsHolm, DD; Tyranowski, TM;