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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Nov-2017Mitochondrial DNA Density Homeostasis Accounts for a Threshold Effect in a Cybrid Model of a Human Mitochondrial DiseaseAryaman, J; Johnston, IG; Jones, NS; , et al
15-Jul-2015Closed-form stochastic solutions for non-equilibrium dynamics and inheritance of cellular components over many cell divisionsJones, NS;
2-Jun-2015Stochastic modelling, Bayesian inference, and new in vivo measurements elucidate the debated mtDNA bottleneck mechanismJohnston, IG; Burgstaller, JP; Havlicek, V; Kolbe, T; Ruelicke, T, et al
3-Apr-2015What is the function of mitochondrial networks? A theoretical assessment of hypotheses and proposal for future researchHoitzing, H; Johnston, IG; Jones, NS;
8-Jun-2017Mitochondrial heterogeneity, metabolic scaling and cell deathAryaman, J; Hoitzing, H; Burgstaller, J; Johnston, I; Jones, NS, et al
27-Oct-2016Evolution of cell-to-cell variability in stochastic, controlled, heteroplasmic mtDNA populationsJohnston, IG; Jones, NS;
27-Jun-2018Large-scale genetic analysis reveals mammalian mtDNA heteroplasmy dynamics and variance increase through lifetimes and generationsBurgstaller, J; Kolbe, T; Havlicek, V; Hembach, S; Poulton, J, et al
14-May-2013Traumatic brain injury impairs small-world topologyPandit, AS; Expert, P; Lambiotte, R; Bonnelle, V; Leech, R, et al
18-Apr-2014OutbreakTools: A new platform for disease outbreak analysis using the R softwareJombart, T; Aanensen, DM; Baguelin, M; Birrell, P; Cauchemez, S, et al
7-Oct-2016Phylogenetic tools for generalized HIV-1 epidemics: findings from the PANGEA-HIV methods comparisonRatmann, O; Hodcroft, EB; Pickles, M; Cori, A; Hall, M, et al