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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Dec-2016Asymptotic analysis of a Bragg fiber: a multiple scales approachMaling, B; Craster, RV
6-Jul-2016Surface-plasmon resonances of arbitrarily shaped nanometallic structures in the small-screening-length limitSchnitzer, O; Giannini, V; Maier, SA; Craster, RV; , et al
9-Nov-2016A Langevin model for fluctuating contact angle behaviour parametrised using molecular dynamicsSmith, ER; Müller, EA; Craster, RV; Matar, OK
10-Nov-2016Dynamic homogenisation of Maxwell’s equations with applications to photonic crystals and localised waveforms on gratingsMaling, B; Colquitt, D; Craster, RV; , et al
4-Aug-2016Quantum PlasmonicsFitzgerald, JM; Narang, P; Craster, RV; Maier, SA; Giannini, V, et al
29-Apr-2016Transformation seismology: composite soil lenses for steering surface elastic Rayleigh waves.Colombi, A; Guenneau, S; Roux, P; Craster, RV; , et al
6-Jan-2016Wave mechanics in media pinned at bravais lattice pointsMakwana, M; Antonakakis, T; Maling, B; Guenneau, S; Craster, RV, et al
5-Nov-2016Recovery of correlation function of internal random rough surfaces from diffusely scattered elastic wavesShi, F; Lowe, MJS; Craster, RV; , et al
24-Feb-2016Dynamic interfacial trapping of flexural waves in structured platesHaslinger, SG; Craster, RV; Movchan, AB; Movchan, NV; Jones, IS, et al
21-Jun-2016Asymptotics of dynamic lattice Green’s functionsVanel, AL; Craster, RV; Colquitt, DJ; Makwana, M; , et al