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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2016On the asymptotic limit of the three dimensional Vlasov-Poisson system for large magnetic field : formal derivation.Degond, PAA; Filbet, F;
30-Aug-2016Phase Transitions in a Kinetic Flocking Model of Cucker-Smale TypeBarbaro, ABT; Canizo, JA; Carrillo de la plata, J; Degond, PAA; , et al
19-Nov-2016Asymptotic-Preserving Particle-In-Cell methods for the Vlasov-Maxwell system in the quasi-neutral limitDegond, PAA; Deluzet, F; Doyen, D;
17-Feb-2016Topological interactions in a Boltzmann-type frameworkBlanchet, A; Degond, PAA;
1-Nov-2016Self-organized Hydrodynamics with density-dependent velocityDegond, PAA; Henkes, S; Yu, H;
1-Dec-2016Damped Arrow-Hurwicz algorithm for sphere packingDegond, PAA; Ferreira, MA; Motsch, S;
12-Oct-2016Symmetry-breaking phase-transitions in highly concentrated semenCreppy, A; Plouraboué, F; Praud, O; Druart, X; Cazin, S, et al