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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2016Linear control of oscillator and amplifier flowsSchmid, PJ; Sipp, D
17-Feb-2016Uncertainty propagation in model extraction by system identification and its implication for control designDovetta, N; Schmid, PJ; Sipp, D
19-Mar-2016Parallel data-driven decomposition algorithm for large-scale datasets: with application to transitional boundary layersSayadi, T; Schmid, PJ
9-Aug-2016Nonlinear model-order reduction for compressible flow solvers using the Discrete Empirical Interpolation MethodFosas de Pando, M; Schmid, PJ; Sipp, D
18-Jul-2016Analysis of flow timescales on a periodically pitching/surging airfoilDunne, R; Schmid, PJ; McKeon, BJ
19-Jul-2016On the mechanism of trailing vortex wanderingEdstrand, AM; Davis, TB; Schmid, PJ; Taira, K; Cattafesta, LN
1-Jun-2016Non-normality and nonlinearity in thermoacoustic instabilitiesSujith, RI; Juniper, MP; Schmid, PJ
17-May-2016River bedform inception by flow unsteadiness: a modal and nonmodal analysisCaruso, A; Vesipa, R; Camporeale, C; Ridolfi, L; Schmid, PJ
21-Nov-2016Recursive dynamic mode decomposition of transient and post-transient wake flowsNoack, BR; Stankiewicz, W; MorzyƄski, M; Schmid, PJ