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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2016Inference for Stochastic Chemical Kinetics Using Moment Equations and System Size ExpansionFröhlich, F; Thomas, P; Kazeroonian, A; Theis, FJ; Grima, R, et al
26-Jun-2018Analysis of cell size homeostasis at the single-cell and population levelThomas, P;
24-Jan-2019Intrinsic and extrinsic noise of gene expression in lineage treesThomas, P;
29-Nov-2017Making sense of snapshot data: ergodic principle for clonal cell populationsThomas, P;
29-Jan-2019Stochastic modelling reveals mechanisms of metabolic heterogeneityTonn, M; Thomas, P; Barahona, M; Oyarzun, D; , et al
27-Nov-2018Cell size control driven by the circadian clock and environment in cyanobacteriaMartins, B; Tooke, AK; Thomas, P; Locke, JCW;
30-Oct-2018Sources, propagation and consequences of stochasticity in cellular growthThomas, P; Terradot, G; Danos, V; Weisse, A;
24-Jul-2017Mycobacteria modify their cell size control under sub-optimal carbon sourcesShahrezaei, V; Robertson, B; Thomas, P; Priestman, M; , et al