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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2013The emergence of localized vortex-wave interaction states in plane Couette flowDeguchi, K; Hall, P; Walton, A
1-Apr-2013Axisymmetric travelling waves in annular sliding Couette flow at finite and asymptotically large Reynolds numberDeguchi, K; Walton, AG
1-May-2013Trail formation based on directed pheromone depositionBoissard, E; Degond, P; Motsch, S
6-Apr-2013Risk factor-dependent dynamics of atopic dermatitis: modelling multi-scale regulation of epithelium homeostasisDominguez-Huettinger, E; Ono, M; Barahona, M; Tanaka, RJ
9-May-2013STL-based Analysis of TRAIL-induced Apoptosis Challenges the Notion of Type I/Type II Cell Line ClassificationStoma, S; Donzé, A; Bertaux, F; Maler, O; Batt, G
1-Dec-2013Mathematical model of flow through the patent ductus arteriosusSetchi, A; Mestel, AJ; Siggers, JH; Parker, KH; Tan, MW, et al
6-Jan-2013Synthetic gene circuits for metabolic control: design trade-offs and constraintsOyarzun, DA; Stan, G-BV
1-May-2013Low-Reynolds-number flow through two-dimensional shuntsSetchi, A; Mestel, AJ; Parker, KH; Siggers, JH
7-Jun-2013Connectivity-Driven Coherence in Complex NetworksPereira, T; Eroglu, D; Bagci, GB; Tirnakli, U; Jensen, HJ
1-Apr-2013Buckling of a thin, viscous film in an axisymmetric geometryBhattacharya, S; Craster, RV; Flynn, MR