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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2011The effective thermal conductivity of crud and heat transfer from crud-coated PWR fuelCinosi, N; Haq, I; Bluck, M; Walker, SP
1-Apr-2011Modelling the fracture behaviour of adhesively-bonded joints as a function of test rateKarac, A; Blackman, BRK; Cooper, V; Kinloch, AJ; Sanchez, SR, et al
20-Mar-2011Numerical evaluation of droplet sizing based on the ratio of fluorescent and scattered light intensities (LIF/Mie technique)Charalampous, G; Hardalupas, Y
1-Jan-2010A Feature Ranking Strategy to Facilitate Multivariate Signal ClassificationGupta, L; Kota, S; Murali, S; Molfese, DL; Vaidyanathan, R
1-May-2011Fast and accurate NURBS fitting for reverse engineeringBrujic, D; Ainsworth, I; Ristic, M
1-Aug-2011Stability of zero-pressure-gradient boundary layer distorted by unsteady Klebanoff streaksVaughan, NJ; Zaki, TA
1-Mar-2011Investigating the impact of non-linear geometrical effects on wind turbine blades-Part 1: Current status of design and test methods and future challenges in design optimizationJensen, FM; Puri, AS; Dear, JP; Branner, K; Morris, A
1-Jan-2011Frictional Properties of Automatic Transmission Fluids: Part II-Origins of Friction-Sliding Speed BehaviorIngram, M; Noles, J; Watts, R; Harris, S; Spikes, HA
1-Feb-2011Recycling carbon fibre reinforced polymers for structural applications: Technology review and market outlookPimenta, S; Pinho, ST
19-Apr-2010Prediction and measurement of heat transfer in air-cooled disc-type electrical machinesHowey, DA; Holmes, AS; Pullen, KR