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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2011Investigating the impact of non-linear geometrical effects on wind turbine blades-Part 1: Current status of design and test methods and future challenges in design optimizationJensen, FM; Puri, AS; Dear, JP; Branner, K; Morris, A
1-Nov-2015Reaction forces of laminated glass windows subject to blast loadsDel Linz, P; Hooper, PA; Arora, H; Smith, D; Pascoe, L, et al
26-Feb-2016An analytical solution for pre-crack behaviour of laminated glass under blast loadingDel Linz, P; Liang, X; Hooper, PA; Wang, LZ; Dear, JP, et al
1-Aug-2009A Review of Methods to Estimate Creep Damage in Low-Alloy Steel Power Station Steam PipesMaharaj, C; Dear, JP; Morris, A
1-Aug-2014Numerical study of the solution heat treatment, forming, and in-die quenching (HFQ) process on AA5754El Fakir, O; Wang, L; Balint, D; Dear, JP; Lin, J, et al
21-Jul-2016Experimental techniques for ductile damage characterisationSancho, A; Cox, MJ; Cartwright, T; Aldrich-Smith, GD; Hooper, PA, et al
10-Aug-2017The effect of protrusion density on composite-metal joints with surfi-sculpt reinforcementXiong, W; Wang, X; Dear, JP; Blackman, BRK; Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
1-Jul-2018New insights into nanoindentation crack initiation in ion-exchanged sodium aluminosilicate glassLi, X; Jiang, L; Mohagheghian, I; Dear, JP; Li, L, et al
13-Dec-2017Determination of residual stresses in fibre laser welded AA2024-T3 T-joints by numerical simulation and neutron diffractionAhn, J; He, E; Chen, L; Pirling, T; Dear, JP, et al
26-Sep-2016Effect of residual stress on the fracture of chemically strengthened thin aluminosilicate glassJiang, L; Wang, L; Mohagheghian, I; Li, X; Guo, X, et al