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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2007Comparison of X-ray diffraction measurement of residual elastic strains: monochromatic beam and image plate versus white beam energy-dispersive analysisVorster, WJJ; Zhang, SY; Golshan, M; Laundy, D; Dini, D, et al
1-Jul-2008Further consideration of closure at the root of a sharp notchQiu, H; Hills, DA; Dini, D
1-Nov-2007Roughness in lubricated rolling contact: the dry contact limitOlver, AV; Dini, D
1-May-2006The principle of strain reconstruction tomography: Determination of quench strain distribution from diffraction measurementsKorsunsky, AM; Vorster, WJJ; Zhang, SY; Dini, D; Latham, D, et al
1-Sep-2003Stress analysis of V-notches with and without cracks, with application to foreign object damageNowell, D; Dini, D; Duo, P
29-Dec-2016A coupled finite-volume CFD solver for two-dimensional elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication problems with particular application to rolling element bearingsHajishafiee, A; Kadiric, A; Ioannides, E; Dini, D; SKF Engineering & Research Centre BV, et al
25-Dec-2014Heat flux evaluation in high temperature ring-on-ring contactsTavasci, A; Arizzi, F; Dini, D; Rizzi, E
12-Aug-2015The mechanisms governing the activation of dislocation sources in aluminum at different strain ratesGurrutxaga Lerma, BENAT; Balint, DS; Dini, D; Sutton, AP; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
16-Feb-2015Scaling of Lennard-Jones liquid elastic moduli, viscoelasticity and other properties along fluid-solid coexistenceHeyes, DM; Dini, D; BraƄka, AC
21-Aug-2014Self-assembly of calcium carbonate nanoparticles in water and hydrophobic solventsBodnarchuk, MS; Dini, D; Heyes, DM; Chahine, S; Edwards, S