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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2010Correction of ultrasonic array images to improve reflector sizing and location in inhomogeneous materials using a ray-tracing modelConnolly, GD; Lowe, MJS; Temple, JAG; Rokhlin, SI
7-Jul-2015Model-Based Design of Low Frequency Lamb Wave EMATs for Mode SelectivitySeher, M; Huthwaite, P; Lowe, MJS; Nagy, PB
1-Oct-2015Improved Detection of Rough Defects for Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation Inspections Based on Finite Element Modeling of Elastic Wave ScatteringPettit, JR; Walker, AE; Lowe, MJS
1-Mar-2015Modeling guided elastic waves in generally anisotropic media using a spectral collocation methodQuintanilla, FH; Lowe, MJS; Craster, RV
30-Sep-2014Investigation of the elastic/crystallographic anisotropy of welds for improved ultrasonic inspectionsMark, AF; Fan, Z; Azough, F; Lowe, MJS; Withers, PJ
8-Nov-2009The application of Fermat's principle for imaging anisotropic and inhomogeneous media with application to austenitic steel weld inspectionConnolly, GD; Lowe, MJS; Temple, JAG; Rokhlin, SI
1-Dec-2018Rapid measurement of volumetric texture using resonant ultrasound spectroscopyLan, B; Carpenter, MA; Gan, W; Hofmann, M; Dunne, FPE, et al
9-Mar-2016Numerical simulations of ultrasonic array imaging of highly scattering materialsVan Pamel, A; Huthwaite, P; Brett, CR; Lowe, MJS; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
31-Jul-2015Dispersion Loci of Guided Waves in Viscoelastic Composites of General AnisotropyQuintanilla, FH; Fan, Z; Lowe, MJS; Craster, RV; Chimenti, DE, et al
31-Jul-2015Finite Element Modelling of Wave Propagation in Highly Scattering MaterialsVan Pamel, A; Huthwaite, P; Brett, CR; Lowe, MJS; Chimenti, DE, et al