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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2015Pyrolysis and Ignition of a Polymer by Transient IrradiationVermesi, I; Roenner, N; Pironi, P; Hadden, R; Rein, G, et al
11-Jun-2015Improved formulation of travelling fires and application to concrete and steel structuresRackauskaite, E; Hamel, C; Law, A; Rein, G
1-Nov-2012Travelling fires for structural design-Part I: Literature reviewStern-Gottfried, J; Rein, G
1-Nov-2012Travelling fires for structural design-Part II: Design methodologyStern-Gottfried, J; Rein, G
22-Aug-2014Pyrolysis of medium-density fiberboard: optimized search for kinetics scheme and parameters via a genetic algorithm driven by Kissinger's methodLi, K-Y; Huang, X; Fleischmann, C; Rein, G; Ji, J
1-May-2012Forecasting fire dynamics using inverse computational fluid dynamics and tangent linearisationJahn, W; Rein, G; Torero, JL
1-Jan-2009Carbon emissions from smouldering peat in shallow and strong frontsRein, G; Cohen, S; Simeoni, A
15-Feb-2017Reducing the computational requirements for simulating tunnel fires by combining multiscale modelling and multiple processor calculationVermesi, I; Rein, G; Colella, F; Valkvist, M; Jomaas, G
24-Jul-2017Detection of landmines in peat soils by controlled smouldering combustion: Experimental proof of concept of O-RevealerRein, G; Huang, X; Restuccia, F; McArdle, T; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
15-Jan-2019Quantifying self-heating ignition of biochar as a function of feedstock and the pyrolysis reactor temperatureRestuccia, F; Masek, O; Hadden, R; Rein, G; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al