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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-May-2016Experimental investigation of forming limit curves and deformation features in warm forming of an aluminium alloyShao, Z; Bai, Q; LI, N; Shi, Z; Lin, J, et al
30-May-2016Experimental analysis of Hybridised Energy Storage Systems for automotive applicationsSarwar, W; Engstrom, T; Marinescu, M; Green, N; Taylor, N, et al
3-May-2016Hypoid gear vehicle axle efficiencyKakavas, I; Olver, AV; Dini, D; Technology Strategy Board
16-Jun-2016Hybrid meshing using constrained Delaunay triangulation for viscous flow simulationsWang, F; Di Mare, L; Technology Strategy Board
13-Dec-2016Knowledge based cloud FE simulation of sheet metal forming processesWang, L; Zhou, D; Gao, H; Wang, A; Liu, J, et al
10-Nov-2016A systematic study on the use of short circuiting for the improvement of proton exchange membrane fuel cell performanceGupta, G; Wu, B; Mylius, S; Offer, GJ; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
-Studies on the Hot Forming and Cold-die Quenching of AA6082 Tailor Welded BlanksLiu, J; Wang, A; Gao, H; El Fakir, O; Luan, X, et al
10-Aug-2015Hot stamping of an Al-Li alloy: a feasibility studyGao, HAOXIANG; Weng, TIANXIN; Li, C; Li, ZHIQIANG; Wang, L, et al
12-Jan-2017Characterization of a supercharger as boosting & turbo-expansion device in sequential multi-stage systemsRomagnoli, A; Vorraro, G; Rajoo, S; Copeland, C; Martinez-Botas, R, et al
17-Sep-2017Hot stamping of AA6082 tailor welded blanks for automotive applicationsLiu, J; Wang, A; Zheng, Y; Liu, X; Gandra, J, et al