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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2011Imaging and heat flux measurements of wall impinging sprays of hydrocarbons and alcohols in a direct-injection spark-ignition engineSerras-Pereira, J; Aleiferis, PG; Richardson, D
31-Oct-2013Heat flux characteristics of spray wall impingement with ethanol, butanol, iso-octane, gasoline and E10 fuelsAleiferis, PG; Serras-Pereira, J; Walmsley, HL; Davies, TJ; Cracknell, RF
28-Nov-2007Spray Development, Flow Interactions and Wall Impingement in a Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition EngineAleiferis, PG; Serras-Pereira, J; Richardson, D; Wallace, S
29-Oct-2007Mixture Preparation and Combustion Variability in a Spray-Guided DISI EngineAleiferis, PG; Serras-Pereira, J; Richardson, D; Wallace, S
6-Oct-2008Deposit Formation in the Holes of Diesel Injector Nozzles: A Critical ReviewBirgel, A; Ladommatos, N; Aleiferis, PG; Zuelch, S; Milovanovic, N, et al
15-Jun-2009Combining Unthrottled Operation with Internal EGR under Port and Central Direct Fuel Injection Conditions in a Single Cylinder SI EngineCairns, A; Todd, AR; Hoffmann, H; Aleiferis, PG; Malcolm, JS
12-Apr-2010A Study of Alcohol Blended Fuels in an Unthrottled Single Cylinder Spark Ignition EngineCairns, A; Todd, AR; Fraser, N; Aleiferis, PG; Malcolm, JS
26-Oct-2011Flame chemiluminescence and OH LIF imaging in a hydrogen-fuelled spark-ignition engineAleiferis, PG; Rosati, MF
13-Oct-2014Developing Low Gasoline Particulate Emission Engines Through Improved Fuel DeliveryOudenijeweme, D; Freeland, P; Behringer, MK; Aleiferis, PG
13-Oct-2014Numerical Modelling of Mixture Formation and Combustion in DISI Hydrogen Engines with Various Injection StrategiesAleiferis, PG; Hamzehloo, A