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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Mar-2010Cavitation, primary break-up and flash boiling of gasoline, iso-octane and n-pentane with a real-size optical direct-injection nozzleSerras-Pereira, J; Van Romunde, Z; Aleiferis, PG; Richardson, D; Wallace, S, et al
12-Jan-2010Mechanisms of spray formation and combustion from a multi-hole injector with E85 and gasolineAleiferis, PG; Serras-Pereira, J; Van Romunde, Z; Caine, J; Wirth, M
23-Jun-2008Characteristics of Ethanol, Butanol, Iso-Octane and Gasoline Sprays and Combustion from a Multi-Hole Injector in a DISI EngineSerras-Pereira, J; Aleiferis, PG; Richardson, D; Wallace, S
15-Jun-2009Hydrogen SI and HCCI Combustion in a Direct-Injection Optical EngineRosati, MF; Aleiferis, PG
29-Oct-2007Effect of Fuel Properties on Spray Development from a Multi-Hole DISI Engine InjectorAleiferis, PG; Van Romunde, ZR; Cracknell, RF; Walmsley, HL
9-Jul-2010Effect of fuel temperature on in-nozzle cavitation and spray formation of liquid hydrocarbons and alcohols from a real-size optical injector for direct-injection spark-ignition enginesAleiferis, PG; Serras-Pereira, J; Augoye, A; Davies, TJ; Cracknell, RF, et al
30-Jul-2012An analysis of spray development with iso-octane, n-pentane, gasoline, ethanol and n-butanol from a multi-hole injector under hot fuel conditionsAleiferis, PG; Van Romunde, ZR
13-Mar-2012Controlled autoignition of hydrogen in a direct-injection optical engineAleiferis, PG; Rosati, MF
12-Sep-2012An Analysis of the Combustion Behavior of Ethanol, Butanol, Iso-Octane, Gasoline, and Methane in a Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Research EngineSerras-Pereira, J; Aleiferis, PG; Richardson, D
25-Jan-2013Characterisation of flame development with ethanol, butanol, iso-octane, gasoline and methane in a direct-injection spark-ignition engineAleiferis, PG; Serras-Pereira, J; Richardson, D