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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Distributed one-class learningShamsabadi, AS; Haddadi, H; Cavallaro, A; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
-Deep private-feature extractionOsia, SA; Taheri, A; Shamsabadi, AS; Katevas, K; Haddadi, H, et al
21-Sep-2018Gaze-based, context-aware robotic system for assisted reaching and graspingShafti, A; Orlov, P; Faisal, AA
27-Jul-2018Towards an embodied semantic fovea: Semantic 3D scene reconstruction from ego-centric eye-tracker videosLi, M; Songur, N; Orlov, P; Leutenegger, S; Faisal, AA
6-Oct-2018Q-map: A convolutional approach for goal-oriented reinforcement learning.Pardo, F; Levdik, V; Kormushev, P
26-Jan-2019Prioritizing starting states for reinforcement learningTavakoli, A; Levdik, V; Islam, R; Kormushev, P
2-Aug-2019Human-centered manipulation and navigation with robot DE NIROFalck, F; Doshi, S; Smuts, N; Lingi, J; Rants, K, et al
29-Apr-2019A comparison of online automatic speech recognition systems and the nonverbal responses to unintelligible speechKim, JY; Liu, C; Calvo, RA; McCabe, K; Taylor, SCR, et al