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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Mar-2019Aligned lonogel electrolytes for high‐temperature supercapacitorsLiu, X; Taiwo, O; Yin, C; Ouyang, M; Chowdhury, R, et al
26-Dec-2018Modelling the structure of object-independent human affordances of approaching to grasp for robotic handsCotugno, G; Konstantinova, J; Althoefer, K; Nanayakkara, DPT; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
21-Oct-2019Novel inorganic composite materials for lithium‐ion batteriesLiu, X; George, C; Wang, H; Wu, B; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
31-Dec-2019Electrospun composite nanofibre supercapacitors enhanced with electrochemically 3D printed current collectorsChen, X; Liu, X; Ouyang, M; Childs, P; Brandon, N, et al
1-Nov-2019An experimental investigation of the drawability of AA6082 sheet under different elevated temperature forming processesZheng, K; Zhu, L; Lin, J; Dean, TA; Li, N, et al
28-Jun-2019A method to estimate the oblique arch folding axis for thumb assistive devicesNanayakkara, V; Sornkaran, N; Wegiriya, H; Vitzilaios, N; Venetsanos, D, et al
15-Aug-2019The effect of cell-to-cell variations and thermal gradients on the performance and degradation of lithium-ion battery packsLiu, X; Ai, W; Naylor Marlow, M; Patel, Y; Wu, B, et al
1-Feb-2019Operando visualisation and multi-scale tomography studies of dendrite formation and dissolution in zinc batteriesYufit, V; Tariq, F; Biton, M; Brandon, N; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
-TMTDyn: A Matlab package for modeling and control of hybrid rigid–continuum robots based on discretized lumped system and reduced-order modelsSadati, H; Naghib, E; Shiva, A; Michael, B; Renson, L, et al
16-Aug-2019Lithium-ion battery fast charging: A reviewTomaszewska, A; Chu, Z; Feng, X; O'Kane, S; Liu, X, et al