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18-Jul-2016A Mixed Reality System for Kansei-Based Co-Design of Highly-Customized ProductsArrighi, P-A; Maurya, S; Arai, K; Moriya, K; Mougenot, C
1-Mar-2019A mixed reality tool for end-users participation in early creative design tasksMaurya, S; Arai, K; Moriya, K; Arrighi, P-A; Mougenot, CJM
3-Jul-2018A new online mental health training program for workplace managers: pre-post pilot study assessing feasibility, usability, and possible effectivenessGayed, A; LaMontagne, AD; Milner, A; Deady, M; Calvo, RA, et al
11-May-2015A novel approach to gait synchronization and transition for reconfigurable walking platformsNansai, S; Rojas, N; Elara, MR; Sosa, R; Iwase, M
4-Apr-2017A Novel Biaxial Testing Apparatus for the Determination of Forming Limit under Hot Stamping ConditionsShao, Z; Li, N
4-Oct-2017A Novel Grip Design for High-Accuracy Thermo-Mechanical Tensile Testing of Boron Steel under Hot Stamping ConditionsGanapathy, M; Li, N; Lin, J; Abspoel, M; Bhattacharjee, D, et al
1-Feb-2019A novel kinematically redundant planar parallel robot manipulator with full rotatabilityBaron, N; Philippides, A; Rojas, N; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
1-Apr-2015A novel regenerative hydrogen cerium fuel cell for energy storage applicationsHewa Dewage, HARINI; Wu, BILLY; Tsoi, ANTHONY; Yufit, VLADIMIR; Offer, GREGORY, et al
29-Jan-2018A protocol for the HeadCoach trial: the development and evaluation of an online mental health training program for workplace managersGayed, A; Bryan, BT; Petrie, K; Deady, M; Milner, A, et al
1-Jun-2018A smartphone application for treating depressive symptoms: study protocol for a randomised controlled trialDeady, M; Johnston, DA; Glozier, N; Milne, D; Choi, I, et al
10-Nov-2016A systematic study on the use of short circuiting for the improvement of proton exchange membrane fuel cell performanceGupta, G; Wu, B; Mylius, S; Offer, GJ; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
29-May-2017A two-fingered robot gripper with large object reorientation rangeBircher, WG; Dollar, AM; Rojas, N
24-Aug-2015A unified position analysis of the Dixon and the generalized Peaucellier linkagesRojas, N; Dollar, AM; Thomas, F
15-Jan-2018A Variable Stiffness Robotic Probe for Soft Tissue PalpationHerzig, N; Maiolino, P; Iida, F; Nanayakkara, D; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
9-Jan-2019A virtual reality food court to study meal choices in youth: design and assessment of usabilityAllman-Farinelli, M; Ijaz, K; Tran, H; Pallotta, H; Ramos, S, et al
2-Feb-2018Action branching architectures for deep reinforcement learningTavakoli, A; Pardo, F; Kormushev, P
21-Feb-2019Active learning via informed search in movement parameter space for efficient robot task learning and transferRakicevic, N; Kormushev, P
12-May-2017Adaptive legged robots through exactly-constrained and non-redundant designKanner, OY; Rojas, N; Odhner, LU; Dollar, AM
4-Nov-2018Aerial interactions with wireless sensorsBhatia, L; Boyle, D; McCann, J
3-May-2018AI surveillance studies need ethics reviewCalvo, RA; Peters, D
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 344