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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2016Light and Strong SiC NetworksFerraro, C; Garcia-Tuñon, E; Rocha, VG; Barg, S; Fariñas, MD, et al
23-Jun-2014Poly(gamma-glutamic acid)/Silica Hybrids with Calcium Incorporated in the Silica Network by Use of a Calcium Alkoxide PrecursorPoologasundarampillai, G; Yu, B; Tsigkou, O; Wang, D; Romer, F, et al
1-Feb-2012Building on Soft Foundations: New Possibilities for Controlling Hybrid Photovoltaic ArchitecturesFranklin, JB; Downing, JM; Giuliani, F; Ryan, MP; McLachlan, MA
1-Mar-2013Synthesis and Optimization of the Production of Millimeter-Sized Hydroxyapatite Single Crystals by Cl--OH- Ion ExchangeGarcia-Tunon, E; Franco, J; Eslava, S; Bhakhri, V; Saiz, E, et al
12-May-2016The effect of prior cold work on the chloride stress corrosion cracking of 304L austenitic stainless steel under atmospheric conditionsScatigno, GG; Ryan, MP; Giuliani, F; Wenman, MR
1-Jan-2012Instrumented nanoindentation investigation into the mechanical behavior of ceramics at moderately elevated temperaturesBhakhri, V; Wang, J; Ur-rehman, N; Ciurea, C; Giuliani, F, et al
11-Mar-2015Effect of microstructure and slow crack growth on lifetime prediction of monolithic silicon carbideAl Nasiri, N; Saiz, E; Giuliani, F; Vandeperre, LJ
5-Mar-2016Robocasting of Structural Ceramic Parts with Hydrogel InksFeilden, E; Garcia Tunon Blanca, E; Giuliani, F; Saiz Gutierrez, E; Vandeperre, LJM
17-Mar-2016Using coupled micropillar compression and micro-Laue diffraction to investigate deformation mechanisms in a complex metallic alloy Al13Co4Bhowmik, A; Dolbnya, I; Britton, TB; Jones, NG; Sernicola, G, et al
-Micromechanical strength of Al2O3 plateletsFeilden, E; Giovannini, T; Ni, N; Ferraro, C; Saiz, E, et al