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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Oct-2004Consistent partial model checkingHuth,M.; Pradhan,S.
2-Jan-2005Abstraction and probabilities for hybrid logicsHuth,M.
31-Dec-2008Falsifying safety properties through games on over-approximating models\r\nHuth, M; Charlton, N
31-Dec-2000Linear Types and ApproximationHuth,M.; Jung,A.; Keimel,K.
1-Sep-2009Refinement sensitive formal semantics of state machines with persistent choiceFecher, H; Huth, M; Schmidt, H; Schoenborn, J
1-Jun-2004Mathematics for the exploration of requirementsHuth,M.
30-Jun-200820 Years of Mixed and Modal SpecificationsAntonik, A; Huth, M; Larsen, K; Nyman, U; Wasowski, A
1-Aug-2004A domain equation for refinement of partial systemsHuth, MRA; Jagadeesan, R; Schmidt, DA
1-Apr-2005Probabilistic lambda-calculus and quantitative program analysisDi Pierro, A; Hankin, C; Wiklicky, H
12-Feb-2009Special section on advances in reachability analysis and decision procedures: contributions to abstraction-based system verificationHuth, M; Grumberg, O