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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2009Suppression of GATA-3 Nuclear Import and Phosphorylation: A Novel Mechanism of Corticosteroid Action in Allergic DiseaseManeechotesuwan, K; Yao, X; Ito, K; Jazrawi, E; Usmani, OS, et al
15-Jun-2017Risk of pneumonia in obstructive lung disease: A real-life study comparing extra-fine and fine-particle inhaled corticosteroidsSonnappa, S; Martin, R; Israel, E; Postma, D; Van Aalderen, W, et al
17-Oct-2014Techniques of assessing small airways dysfunctionMcNulty, W; Usmani, OS
18-Sep-2018Inhalation devicesMoroni-Zentgraf, P; Usmani, OS; Halpin, DMG
24-Jan-2017MyAirCoach: the use of home-monitoring and mHealth systems to predict deterioration in asthma control and the occurrence of asthma exacerbations; study protocol of an observational study.Honkoop, PJ; Simpson, A; Bonini, M; Snoeck-Stroband, JB; Meah, S, et al
21-Apr-2016Inhaler technique: facts and fantasies. A view from the Aerosol Drug Management Improvement Team (ADMIT)Levy, ML; Dekhuijzen, PNR; Barnes, PJ; Broeders, M; Corrigan, CJ, et al
1-Apr-2016Drugs for airway diseaseBonini, M; Usmani, OS
7-May-2016The prevalence of small airways disease in adult asthma: A systematic literature reviewUsmani, OS; Singh, D; Spinola, M; Bizzi, A; Barnes, PJ, et al
1-Jul-2018Spacer devices for inhaled therapy: why use them, and how?Vincken, W; Levy, ML; Scullion, J; Usmani, OS; Dekhuijzen, PNR, et al
1-Sep-2018Is there room for further innovation in inhaled therapy for airways disease?Biddiscombe, MF; Usmani, OS