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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2015People, place and fish: Exploring the Cultural Ecosystem Services of Inshore Fishing through PhotographyUrquhart, J; Acott, TG; Warren, S; Jones, P
3-Sep-2018An assessment of current regulation and suggestions for a citizen-centered approach to the governing of UK hydraulic fracturingAczel, M; Makuch, K; Szolucha, A
27-Apr-2018Seeing the wood for the trees: exploring the evolution of frameworks of ecosystem services for human wellbeingPascual, U; Howe, C; Schreckenberg, K; Mace, G; Poudyal, M
27-Apr-2018Co-generating knowledge on ecosystem services and the role of new technologiesBuytaert, W; Ochoa Tocachi, B; Hannah, DM; Clark, J; Dewulf, A, et al
7-Mar-2017The need for international perspectives to solve global biosecurity challengesMumford, J; Gullino, ML; Stack, J; Fletcher, J; Quinlan, MM, et al
15-Oct-2018Children and citizen scienceMakuch, KE; Aczel, M; Hecker, S; Haklay, M; Bowser, A, et al
31-Dec-2015Bioenergy resourcesSlade, RB; Bauen, A; Ekins, P; Bradshaw, M; Watson, J, et al
4-Apr-2016Effectiveness of European national SEA systems: How are they making a difference?Sheate, WR; Eales, RP; Sadler, B; Dusik, J
31-Dec-2017Participatory monitoring of the impact of watershed interventions in the tropical AndesOchoa Tocachi, BF; Buytaert, W; De Bièvre, B; Rivera, DA; Godoy-Faundez, A, et al
31-Oct-2019The potential of insect farming to increase food securityDickie, F; Miyamoto, M; Collins, CM; Mikkola, H