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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2018Cycling in Warsaw, Poland - perceived enablers and barriers according to cyclists and non-cyclistsIwinska, K; Blicharska, M; Pierotti, L; Tainio, M; De Nazelle, A
1-Jun-2018Concern over health effects of air pollution is associated to NO<inf>2</inf>in seven European citiesDons, E; Laeremans, M; Anaya-Boig, E; Avila-Palencia, I; Brand, C, et al
14-Nov-2015Physical activity through sustainable transport approaches (PASTA): protocol for a multi-centre, longitudinal studyDons, E; Goetschi, T; Nieuwenhuijsen, M; De Nazelle, A; Anaya, E, et al
16-May-2017Physical activity and sedentary behaviour in daily life: A comparative analysis of the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ) and the SenseWear armbandLaeremans, M; Dons, E; Avila-Palencia, I; Carrasco-Turigas, G; Pablo Orjuela, J, et al
1-Oct-2015Objective correlates and determinants of bicycle commuting propensity in an urban environmentCole-Hunter, T; Donaire-Gonzalez, D; Curto, A; Ambros, A; Valentin, A, et al
1-Dec-2015The Added Benefit of Bicycle Commuting on the Regular Amount of Physical Activity PerformedDonaire-Gonzalez, D; De Nazelle, A; Cole-Hunter, T; Curto, A; Rodriguez, DA, et al
1-Mar-2016Health impacts of active transportation in EuropeRojas-Rueda, D; De Nazelle, A; Andersen, ZJ; Braun-Fahrlaender, C; Bruha, J, et al
21-Oct-2015Impact of traffic-related air pollution on acute changes in cardiac autonomic modulation during rest and physical activity: a cross-over studyCole-Hunter, T; Weichenthal, S; Kubesch, N; Foraster, M; Carrasco-Turigas, G, et al
8-Jan-2016Private and public modes of bicycle commuting: a perspective on attitude and perception.Curto, A; De Nazelle, A; Donaire-Gonzalez, D; Cole-Hunter, T; Garcia-Aymerich, J, et al
1-Jun-2015Air pollution and atherosclerosis: a cross-sectional analysis of four European cohort studies in the ESCAPE studyPerez, L; Wolf, K; Hennig, F; Penell, J; Basagana, X, et al