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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2018Quantifying the role and value of chemical looping combustion in future electricity systems via a retrosynthetic approachSchnellmann, MA; Heuberger, CF; Scott, SA; Dennis, JS; Mac Dowell, N, et al
21-Mar-2018Real-world challenges with a rapid transition to 100 % renewable power systemsHeuberger, C; Mac Dowell, N;
1-Mar-2018Time for global action: an optimised cooperative approach towards effective climate change mitigationGalán-Martín, A; Pozo, C; Azapagic, A; Grossmann, IE; Mac Dowell, N, et al
12-Mar-2018Carbon capture and storage (CCS): the way forwardBui, M; Adjiman, CS; Bardow, A; Anthony, EJ; Boston, A, et al
1-Jun-2018Closing the carbon cycle to maximise climate change mitigation: Power-to-Methanol vs Power-to-Direct Air CaptureDaggash, HA; Patzschke, CF; Heuberger, CF; Zhu, L; Hellgardt, K, et al
17-Jun-2018Numerical and experimental investigations of diffusion absorption refrigeration systems for use with low temperature heat sourcesNajjaran Kheirabadi, A; Harraz, AA; Freeman, J; Mac Dowell, N; Markides, CN, et al
21-May-2017Bio-Energy with CCS (BECCS) performance evaluation: Efficiency enhancement and emissions reductionBui, M; Fajardy, M; Mac Dowell, N;
28-Dec-2016Process control strategies for flexible operation of post-combustion CO2 capture plantsMechleri, E; Lawal, A; Ramos, A; Davison, J; Mac Dowell, N, et al
15-Jul-2017Simultaneous design of separation sequences and whole process energy integrationLeeson, D; Fennell, P; Mac Dowell, N; Shah, N
8-Aug-2017Power Capacity Expansion Planning Considering Endogenous Technology Cost LearningHeuberger, C; Rubin, ES; Staffell, I; Shah, N; Mac Dowell, N, et al