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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Apr-2014Inexpensive ionic liquids: [HSO₄]¯-based solvent production at bulk scaleChen, L; Sharifzadeh, M; Mac Dowell, N; Welton, T; Shah, N, et al
1-Jun-2018The energy return on investment of BECCS: is BECCS a threat to energy security?Fajardy, M; Mac Dowell, N; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
18-Aug-2017A Techno-economic analysis and systematic review of carbon capture and storage (CCS) applied to the iron and steel, cement, oil refining and pulp and paper industries.Leeson, D; Fennell, P; Shah, N; Petit, C; Mac Dowell, N, et al
5-Apr-2017The role of CO2 capture and utilization in mitigating climate changeMac Dowell, N; Fennell, PS; Shah, N; Maitland, GC
1-Jun-2018Challenges and opportunities for the utilisation of ionic liquids as solvents for CO2 captureMac Dowell, N; Hallett, JP; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E; Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance Inc (COSIA); The Petroleum Institute
28-Jan-2017The role of CO<inf>2</inf> purification and transport networks in carbon capture and storage cost reductionKolster, C; Mechleri, E; Krevor, S; Mac Dowell, N; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
7-Nov-2015A multi-source flow model for CCS pipeline transportation networksBrown, S; Mahgerefteh, H; Martynov, S; Sundara, V; Mac Dowell, N
6-Dec-2016Cost and performance of some carbon capture technology options for producing different quality CO2 product streamsPorter, RTJ; Fairweather, M; Kolster, C; Mac Dowell, N; Shah, N, et al
4-Apr-2016On the potential for BECCS efficiency improvement through heat recovery from both post-combustion and oxy-combustion facilitiesMac Dowell, N; Fajardy, M
9-Sep-2016Techno-economic assessment of CO2 quality effect on its storage and transport: CO(2)QUEST An overview of aims, objectives and main findingsPorter, RTJ; Mahgerefteh, H; Brown, S; Martynov, S; Collard, A, et al