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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2016Constrained Statistical Modelling of Knee Flexion from Multi-Pose Magnetic Resonance ImagingConstantinescu, MAM; Lee, S; Navkar, NV; Yu, W; Al-Rawas, S, et al
1-Sep-2015Geodesic Information Flows: Spatially-Variant Graphs and Their Application to Segmentation and FusionCardoso, MJ; Modat, M; Wolz, R; Melbourne, A; Cash, D, et al
1-Nov-20154D Blood Flow Reconstruction Over the Entire Ventricle From Wall Motion and Blood Velocity Derived From Ultrasound DataGomez, A; De Vecchi, A; Jantsch, M; Shi, W; Pushparajah, K, et al
29-Dec-2015Capturing correlations of local features for image representationHong, X; Zhao, G; Zafeiriou, S; Pantic, M; Pietikainen, M
16-Sep-2016Fine-grained Material Classification using Micro-geometry and ReflectanceKampouris, C; Zafeiriou, S; Ghosh, A; Malassiotis, S
1-Jan-2016Probabilistic abstract interpretation: From trace semantics to DTMC’s and linear regressionDi Pierro, A; Wiklicky, H
22-Mar-2017Explicit connection actions in multiparty session typesHu, R; Yoshida, N
23-Sep-2015Hard and Soft Preparation Sets in Boolean GamesHarrenstein, P; Turrini, P; Wooldridge, M
4-Sep-2009Small specifications for tree updateGardner, PA; Wheelhouse, M
9-Dec-2015Fault-tolerant Resource ReasoningNtzik, G; Da Rocha Pinto, P; Gardner, P