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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014Position-momentum uncertainty relations in the presence of quantum memoryFurrer, F; Berta, M; Tomamichel, M; Scholz, VB; Christandl, M
14-Sep-2015Renyi squashed entanglement, discord, and relative entropy differencesSeshadreesan, KP; Berta, M; Wilde, MM
15-Oct-2012Min-entropy uncertainty relation for finite-size cryptographyNg, NHY; Berta, M; Wehner, S
1-Oct-2013Entanglement Cost of Quantum ChannelsBerta, M; Brandao, FGSL; Christandl, M; Wehner, S
1-Aug-2014Relating different quantum generalizations of the conditional Renyi entropyTomamichel, M; Berta, M; Hayashi, M
1-Feb-2014Quantum to Classical Randomness ExtractorsBerta, M; Fawzi, O; Wehner, S
1-Mar-2016Smooth entropy bounds on one-shot quantum state redistributionBerta, M; Christandl, M; Touchette, D
9-May-2016Quantum coding with finite resourcesTomamichel, M; Berta, M; Renes, JM
27-Feb-2015Renyi generalizations of quantum information measuresBerta, M; Seshadreesan, KP; Wilde, MM
5-Sep-2012Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution: Finite-Key Analysis of Composable Security against Coherent AttacksFurrer, F; Franz, T; Berta, M; Leverrier, A; Scholz, VB, et al