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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2016Compact Markov-modulated models for multiclass trace fittingCasale, G; Sansottera, A; Cremonesi, P
12-Mar-2016Automated parameterization of performance models from measurementsCasale, G; Spinner, S; Wang, W
9-Nov-2015Experiments or simulation? A characterization of evaluation methods for in-memory databasesMolka, K; Casale, G
22-Apr-2017Generalized synchronizations and capacity constraints for Java Modelling ToolsCasale, G; Cazzoli, M; Shuai, J; Lopes, VS; Serazzi, G, et al
15-Sep-2015Towards Quality-Aware Development of Big Data Applications with DICECasale, G; Di Nitto, E; Spais, I
12-Mar-2016Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Closed Queueing Network Demands from Queue Length DataWang, W; Casale, G; Ajay Kattepur; Manoj Nambiar
26-Oct-2016Performance prediction for burstable cloud resourcesDubois, DJ; Casale, G
2-Jul-2015QD-AMVA: Evaluating Systems with Queue-Dependent Service RequirementsCasale, G; Perez Bernal, J; Wang, W
8-May-2012ASIdE: Using Autocorrelation-Based Size Estimation for Scheduling Bursty Workloads.Mi, N; Casale, G; Smirni, E
1-Nov-2010Sizing multi-tier systems with temporal dependence: benchmarks and analytic models.Mi, N; Casale, G; Cherkasova, L; Smirni, E