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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2007GRIP: Generic representatives in PRISMDonaldson, AF; Miller, A; Parker, D
1-Dec-2011Static analysis of device drivers: we can do better!Amani, S; Ryzhyk, L; Donaldson, AF; Heiser, G; Legg, A, et al
31-Dec-2006A Computational Group Theoretic Symmetry Reduction Package for the Spin Model Checker.Donaldson, AF; Miller, A; Johnson, M; Vene, V
31-Dec-2005Automatic Symmetry Detection for Model Checking Using Computational Group Theory.Donaldson, AF; Miller, A; Fitzgerald, JA; Hayes, IJ; Tarlecki, A
31-Dec-2006Exact and Approximate Strategies for Symmetry Reduction in Model Checking.Donaldson, AF; Miller, A; Misra, J; Nipkow, T; Sekerinski, E
31-Dec-2006Symmetry Reduction for Probabilistic Model Checking Using Generic Representatives.Donaldson, AF; Miller, A; Graf, S; Zhang, W
1-Jan-2011Software Verification Using k-InductionDonaldson, AF; Haller, L; Kroening, D; Rummer, P; Yahav, E
6-Nov-2011Safe asynchronous multicore memory operationsBotincan, M; Dodds, M; Donaldson, AF; Parkinson, M; Alexander, P, et al
1-Aug-2011Automatic analysis of DMA races using model checking and k-inductionDonaldson, AF; Kroening, D; Rummer, P
19-Oct-2012GPUVerify: A Verifier for GPU KernelsBetts, A; Chong, N; Donaldson, AF; Qadeer, S; Thomson, P