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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-2008Fast marker based c-arm pose estimationKainz, B; Grabner, M; RĂ¼ther, M
1-Jan-2008Automatic differentiation for GPU-accelerated 2D/3D registrationGrabner, M; Pock, T; Gross, T; Kainz, B
16-Dec-2013Noise-based volume rendering for the visualization of multivariate volumetric dataKhlebnikov, R; Kainz, B; Steinberger, M; Schmalstieg, D
16-Apr-2015Adaptive scan strategies for fetal MRI imaging using slice to volume techniquesKainz, B; Malamateniou, C; Ferrazzi, G; Murgasova, M; Egger, J, et al
29-Oct-2008Realtime 3D graphics programming using the Quake3 engineWagner, D; Schmalstieg, D; Kainz, B
29-Apr-2014High-resolution contrast enhanced multi-phase hepatic Computed Tomography data fromaporcine Radio-Frequency Ablation studyKainz, B; Voglreiter, P; Sereinigg, M; Wiederstein-Grasser, I; Mayrhauser, U, et al
1-Oct-2012Volumetric real-time particle-based representation of large unstructured tetrahedral polygon meshesVoglreiter, P; Steinberger, M; Schmalstieg, D; Kainz, B
29-Apr-2014Fast fully automatic brain detection in fetal MRI using dense rotation invariant image descriptorsKainz, B; Keraudren, K; Kyriakopoulou, V; Rutherford, M; Hajnal, JV, et al
30-Mar-2012Ray prioritization using stylization and visual saliencySteinberger, M; Kainz, B; Hauswiesner, S; Khlebnikov, R; Kalkofen, D, et al
17-Dec-2009Ray Casting of Multiple Volumetric Datasets with Polyhedral Boundaries on Manycore GPUsKainz, B; Grabner, M; Bornik, A; Hauswiesner, S; Muehl, J, et al