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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2018FEM-based Soft Robotic Control Framework for Intracavitary NavigationLee, K-H; Leong, MCW; Chow, MCK; Fu, H-C; Luk, W, et al
1-Jun-2018Stream processing dual-track CGRA for object inferenceFan, X; Wu, D; Cao, W; Luk, W; Wang, L, et al
15-Feb-2018ADAM: Automated Design Analysis and Merging for Speeding up FPGA Development.Ng, H-C; Liu, S; Luk, W; Anderson, JH; Bazargan, K, et al
6-Feb-2018MR Safe Robotic Manipulator for MRI-Guided Intracardiac CatheterizationLee, KH; Fu, KCD; Guo, Z; Dong, Z; Leong, MCW, et al
23-Nov-2017Convolutional Neural Networks on Dataflow EnginesVoss, N; Bacis, M; Mencer, O; Gaydadjiev, G; Luk, W
29-Aug-2016EURECA Compilation: Automatic Optimisation of Cycle-Reconfigurable CircuitsNiu, X; Ng, C; Yumi, T; Wang, S; Yoshida, N, et al
29-Aug-2016Connect On the Fly: Enhancing and Prototyping of Cycle-Reconfigurable ModulesZhou, H; Niu, X; Yuan, J; Wang, L; Luk, W, et al
1-Dec-2013Multiplierless Algorithm for Multivariate Gaussian Random Number Generation in FPGAsThomas, DB; Luk, W
26-Apr-2012The LUT-SR Family of Uniform Random Number Generators for FPGA ArchitecturesThomas, DB; Luk, W
4-Sep-2014Dataflow acceleration of Krylov subspace sparse banded problemsBurovskiy, PA; Girdlestone, S; Davies, C; Sherwin, S; Luk, W