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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2004Towards the design of an energy-efficient, location-aware routing protocol for mobile, ad-hoc sensor networksPapadopoulos, AA; McCann, JA
1-Jun-2013Selfish Mules: Social Profit Maximization in Sparse Sensornets using Rationally-Selfish Human RelaysYang, S; Adeel, U; McCann, JA
5-Aug-2013Distributed Cross-layer Optimization in Stochastic Multi-hop Wireless Networks with Cooperative CommunicationsYang, S; Sheng, Z; McCann, JA; Leung, KK
1-Jan-2005Connectionless Probabilistic (CoP) routing: an efficient protocol for mobile wireless ad-hoc sensor networksPapadopoulos, AA; McCann, JA; Navarra, A; Dahlberg T, Oliver R, Sen A, Xue G
26-Oct-2015Optimal processing node discovery algorithm for distributed computing in IoTKolcun, R; Boyle, D; McCann, JA; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd, et al
1-Jul-2012VIBE: An energy efficient routing protocol for dense and mobile sensor networksPapadopoulos, A; Navarra, A; McCann, JA; Pinotti, CM
17-Oct-2015Gauging Correct Relative Rankings For Similarity SearchYu, W; McCann, JA; NEC Corporation
20-May-2016Contextualising Water Use in Residential Settings: A Survey of Non-Intrusive Techniques and ApproachesCarboni, D; Gluhak, A; McCann, JA; Beach, TH
15-Jan-2018Solar Energy Harvesting Optimization for Wireless Sensor NetworksJackson, G; Ciocoiu, S; McCann, JA; Intel Corporation
17-Jul-2017OPPay: Design and Implementation of A Payment System for Opportunistic Data ServicesShi, F; Qin, Z; McCann, JA; Lee, K; Liu, L