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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Deep structured learning for facial action unit intensity estimationWalecki, R; Rudovic, OO; Pavlovic, V; Schuller, B; Pantic, M, et al
5-Oct-2016Joint Facial Action Unit Detection and Feature Fusion: A Multi-conditional Learning ApproachEleftheriadis, S; Rudovic, O; Pantic, M
1-Aug-2018Multi-instance dynamic ordinal random fields for weakly supervised facial behavior analysisRuiz, A; Rudovic, O; Binefa, X; Pantic, M; Commission of the European Communities, et al
1-Jan-2017DeepCoder: semi-parametric variational autoencoders for automatic facial action codingDieu, LT; Walecki, R; Rudovic, OO; Eleftheriadis, S; Schuller, B, et al
25-Sep-2012Local Evidence Aggregation for Regression Based Facial Point Detection.Martinez, B; Valstar, MF; Binefa, X; Pantic, M
29-Apr-2015Online Kernel Slow Feature Analysis for Temporal Video Segmentation and TrackingLiwicki, S; Zafeiriou, S; Pantic, M
30-Jun-2006Kernel-based recognition of human actions using spatiotemporal salient pointsOikonomopoulos, A; Patras, I; Pantic, M
Jun-2006Spatiotemporal salient points for visual recognition of human actionsOikonomopoulos, A; Patras, I; Pantic, M
17-Jun-2015Prediction-based audiovisual fusion for classification of non-linguistic vocalisationsPetridis, S; Pantic, M; Commission of the European Communities; Commission of the European Communities
19-Nov-2015Doubly sparse relevance vector machine for continuous facial behavior estimationKaltwang, S; Todorovic, S; Pantic, M; Commission of the European Communities