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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2015Exact Inference Techniques for the Dynamic Analysis of Attack GraphsMuñoz-González, L; Sgandurra, D; Barrère, M; Lupu, E
1-Dec-2009Shared Transaction Markov Chains for Fluid Analysis of Massively Parallel Systems (extended version)Hayden, R; Bradley, J
31-Dec-2008A Featherweight Model for Chorded LanguagesPetrounias, A; Drossopoulou, S; Eisenbach, S
30-Jun-2009Fluid passage-time calculation in large Markov modelsHayden, R; Bradley, J
30-Jun-2010A Practical and Conceptual Framework for Learning in ControlDeisenroth, MP; Rasmussen, CE
31-Dec-2013Multi-Task Policy SearchDeisenroth, MP; Englert, P; Peters, J; Fox, D
30-Sep-2000Java Type Soundness RevisitedDrossopoulou, S; Eisenbach, S; Valkevych, T
31-Mar-2000Java Exceptions Throw No SurprisesDrossopoulou, S; Valkevych, T
30-Sep-2015Fault-tolerant resource reasoning: Extended VersionNtzik, G; da Rocha Pinto, P; Gardner, P
30-Sep-2008Errors for the Common Man: Hiding the unintelligable in HaskellSackman, M; Eisenbach, S