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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jun-2015Bayesian Optimization for Learning Gaits under UncertaintyCalandra, R; Seyfarth, A; Peters, J; Deisenroth, MP
19-Oct-2015Learning deep dynamical models from image pixelsWahlstrom, N; Schon, TB; Deisenroth, MP
5-Sep-2013A Survey on Policy Search for RoboticsDeisenroth, MP; Neumann, G; Peters, J; Christensen, H; Siegwart, R
1-Feb-2014Gaussian Processes for Data-Efficient Learning in Robotics and ControlDeisenroth, MP; Fox, D; Rasmussen, CE
1-Jan-2015Online-Computation Approach to Optimal Control of Noise-Affected Nonlinear Systems with Continuous State and Control SpacesDeisenroth, MP; Weissel, F; Ohtsuka, T; Hanebeck, UD
1-Jan-2013Model-based Imitation Learning by Probabilistic Trajectory MatchingEnglert, P; Paraschos, A; Peters, J; Deisenroth, MP
30-Jun-2012Solving Nonlinear Continuous State-Action-Observation POMDPs for Mechanical Systems with Gaussian NoiseDeisenroth, MP; Peters, J
30-Jun-2009Bayesian Inference for Efficient Learning in ControlDeisenroth, MP; Rasmussen, CE
19-Sep-2013Analytic moment-based Gaussian process filtering.Deisenroth, MP; Huber, MF; Hanebeck, UD; Danyluk, AP; Bottou, L, et al
31-Jul-2012Probabilistic Modeling of Human Dynamics for Intention InferenceWang, Z; Deisenroth, MP; Amor, HB; Vogt, D; Schölkopf, B, et al