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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Mar-2019TeTrIS: template transformer networks for image segmentation with shape priorsLee, M; Petersen, K; Pawlowski, N; Glocker, B; Schaap, M, et al
6-Jan-2015Motion Segmentation of Truncated Signed Distance Function based Volumetric SurfacesPerera, K; Barnes, N; He, X; Izadi, S; Kohli, P, et al
1-Jan-2016Note Special Issue on Discrete Graphical Models in Biomedical Image Analysis.Glocker, B; Paragions, N; Zabih, R
31-Dec-2015Supervoxel classification forests for estimating pairwise image correspondencesKanavti, F; Tong, T; Misawa, K; Mori, K; Rueckert, D, et al
2-Jul-2014Encoding atlases by randomized classification forests for efficient multi-atlas label propagationZikic, D; Glocker, B; Criminisi, A
17-Oct-2016Accuracy Estimation for Medical Image Registration Using Regression ForestsSokooti, H; Saygili, G; Glocker, B; Lelieveldt, BPF; Staring, M
17-Oct-2016GraMPa: Graph-based Multi-modal Parcellation of the Cortex using Fusion MovesParisot, S; Glocker, B; Schirmer, MD; Rueckert, D
17-Oct-2016Fast Fully Automatic Segmentation of the Human Placenta from Motion Corrupted MRIAlansary, A; Kamnitsas, K; Davidson, A; Khlebnikov, R; Rajchl, M, et al
27-Apr-2017Unified tracking and shape estimation for concentric tube robotsVandini, A; Bergeles, C; Glocker, B; Giataganas, P; Yang, GZ, et al
17-Oct-2016Crowd-algorithm collaboration for large-scale endoscopic image annotation with confidenceMaier-Hein, L; Ross, T; Gr ohl, J; Glocker, B; Bodenstedt, S, et al