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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2017The First 25 Years of the FPL Conference: Significant PapersLeong, PHW; Amano, H; Anderson, J; Bertels, K; Cardoso, JMP, et al
1-Dec-2016Relation-oriented resource allocation for multi-accelerator systemsYu, T; Feng, B; Stillwell, M; Coutinho, JGF; Zhao, W, et al
30-Apr-2017A nanosecond-level hybrid table design for financial market data generatorsFu, H; He, C; Luk, W; Li, W; Yang, G, et al
14-Jan-2016NeuroFlow: A General Purpose Spiking Neural Network Simulation Platform using Customizable ProcessorsCheung, K; Schultz, SR; Luk, W; , et al
28-Jan-2016FPGA acceleration of reference-based compression for genomic dataArram, J; Pflanzer, M; Kaplan, T; Luk, W; , et al
29-Sep-2016Optimising Sparse Matrix Vector multiplication for large scale FEM problems on FPGAGrigoras, P; Burovskiy, P; Luk, W; Sherwin, S; , et al
29-Oct-2019Non-linear function evaluation reusing matrix-vector multipliersGuo, C; Luk, W; Xu, W;
31-May-2019Deep neural network approximation for custom hardware: where we've been, where we're goingWang, E; Davis, J; Zhao, R; Ng, H; Niu, X, et al
29-Sep-2016EURECA compilation: Automatic optimisation of cycle-reconfigurable circuitsNiu, X; Ng, C; Yumi, T; Wang, S; Yoshida, N, et al
29-Sep-2016Connect on the fly: enhancing and prototyping of cycle-reconfigurable modulesZhou, H; Niu, X; Yuan, J; Wang, L; Luk, W, et al