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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jul-2015Active nonrigid ICP algorithmCheng, S; Marras, I; Zafeiriou, S; Pantic, M
4-Nov-2015Robust correlated and individual component analysisPanagakis, Y; Nicolaou, M; Zafeiriou, S; Pantic, M; Commission of the European Communities, et al
26-Jun-2016Joint Unsupervised Deformable Spatio-Temporal Alignment of SequencesZafeiriou, L; Antonakos, E; Zafeiriou, S; Pantic, M; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
1-Jun-2015From Pixels to Response Maps: Discriminative Image Filtering for Face Alignment in the WildAsthana, A; Zafeiriou, S; TZIMIROPOULOS, GEORGIOS; Cheng, S; Pantic, M
19-Nov-2015Doubly sparse relevance vector machine for continuous facial behavior estimationKaltwang, S; Todorovic, S; Pantic, M; Commission of the European Communities
17-Jun-2015Prediction-based audiovisual fusion for classification of non-linguistic vocalisationsPetridis, S; Pantic, M; Commission of the European Communities; Commission of the European Communities
1-Jan-2017Deep structured learning for facial action unit intensity estimationWalecki, R; Rudovic, OO; Pavlovic, V; Schuller, B; Pantic, M, et al
3-Oct-2013Robust Discriminative Response Map Fitting with Constrained Local ModelsAsthana, A; Zafeiriou, S; Cheng, S; Pantic, M
24-Jan-2012Subspace learning from image gradient orientationsTzimiropoulos, G; Zafeiriou, S; Pantic, M
1-Aug-2018Multi-instance dynamic ordinal random fields for weakly supervised facial behavior analysisRuiz, A; Rudovic, O; Binefa, X; Pantic, M; Commission of the European Communities, et al