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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2018Learning-based endovascular navigation through the use of non-rigid registration for collaborative robotic catheterizationChi, W; Liu, J; Rafii-Tari, H; Riga, C; Bicknell, C, et al
1-Apr-2019A self-adaptive motion scaling framework for surgical robot remote controlZhang, D; Xiao, B; Huang, B; Zhang, L; Liu, J, et al
1-Jun-2014Implementation of objective activity monitoring to supplement the interpretation of ambulatory oesophageal ph investigationsKwasnicki, RM; Greaves, RL; Ali, R; Gummett, P; Hoare, J, et al
22-Oct-2012Robotics and smart instruments for translating endomicroscopy to in situ, in vivo applicationsHughes, M; Yang, G-Z; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
3-Mar-2014Color reflectance fiber bundle endomicroscopy without back-reflectionsHughes, M; Giataganas, P; Yang, G-Z; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
26-Feb-2016Looking towards objective quality evaluation in colonoscopy: Analysis of visual gaze patternsEdmondson, MJ; Pucher, PH; Sriskandarajah, K; Hoare, J; Teare, J, et al
1-Jul-2010Three-Dimensional Tissue Deformation Recovery and TrackingMountney, P; Stoyanov, D; Yang, G-Z
8-Feb-2017Objective Assessment of Endovascular Navigation Skills with Force SensingRafii-Tari, H; Payne, CJ; Bicknell, C; Kwok, K-W; Cheshire, NJW, et al
13-Feb-2017A Single-Port Robotic System for Transanal Microsurgery—Design and ValidationShang, J; Leibrandt, K; Giataganas, P; Vitiello, V; Seneci, CA, et al
2-Jun-2017An image retrieval framework for real-time endoscopic image retargetingYe, M; Johns, E; Walter, B; Meining, A; Yang, G-Z