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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2016Development of micromechanisms for handling of biomaterials under laser lightAvci, E; Yang, G-Z; Wellcome Trust; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
25-Oct-2016Continuous blood pressure measurement from invasive to unobtrusive: celebration of 200th birth anniversary of Carl LudwigDing, X-R; Zhao, N; Yang, G-Z; Pettigrew, RI; Lo, B, et al
19-Jan-2015Wearable Sensing for Solid Biomechanics: A ReviewWong, C; Zhang, Z-Q; Lo, B; Yang, G-Z; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
19-Sep-2017Imperial College near infrared spectroscopy neuroimaging analysis framework.Orihuela-Espina, F; Leff, DR; James, DRC; Darzi, AW; Yang, G-Z, et al
1-Jan-2014Practical Intraoperative Stereo Camera CalibrationPratt, P; Bergeles, C; Darzi, A; Yang, G-Z; Golland, P, et al
15-Nov-2017The potential role of optical biopsy in the study and diagnosis of environmental enteric dysfunctionThompson, AJ; Hughes, M; Anastasova, S; Conklin, LS; Thomas, T, et al
14-Dec-2011Cardiovascular magnetic resonance tagging of the right ventricular free wall for the assessment of long axis myocardial function in congenital heart diseaseChen, SSM; Keegan, J; Dowsey, AW; Ismail, T; Wage, R, et al
29-Oct-2018Hand gesture recognition with inertial sensorsTeachasrisaksakul, K; Wu, L; Yang, G-Z; Lo, B; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
2-May-2017Flexible Robotic Scanning Device for Intraoperative Endomicroscopy in MISZuo, S; Hughes, M; Yang, G-Z
19-Mar-2018Spatio-spectral classification of hyperspectral images for brain cancer detection during surgical operationsFabelo, H; Ortega, S; Ravi, D; Kiran, BR; Sosa, C, et al