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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2010Replication and Abstraction: Symmetry in Automated Formal Verification.Wahl, T; Donaldson, AF
1-Jan-2010Concurrent abstract predicatesDinsdale-Young, T; Dodds, M; Gardner, PA; Parkinson, M; Vafeiadis, V
1-Jul-2010Three-Dimensional Tissue Deformation Recovery and TrackingMountney, P; Stoyanov, D; Yang, G-Z
30-Sep-2010MANTra: towards model transformation testingCiancone, A; Filieri, A; Mirandola, R
31-Dec-2010Reliability analysis of component-based systems with multiple failure modesFilieri, A; Ghezzi, C; Grassi, V; Mirandola, R
13-Apr-2010Mining transposed motifs in musicJiménez, A; Molina-Solana, M; Berzal, F; Fajardo, W
1-Apr-2010Piecewise-Linear Approximations of Multidimensional FunctionsMisener, R; Floudas, CA
10-Sep-2010The uncertainty principle in the presence of quantum memoryBerta, M; Christandl, M; Colbeck, R; Renes, JM; Renner, R
30-Sep-2010Resource allocation algorithms for virtualized service hosting platformsStillwell, M; Schanzenbach, D; Vivien, F; Casanova, H
1-Nov-2010Approximating passage time distributions in queueing models by Bayesian expansionCasale, G