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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-May-2010A fluid analysis framework for a Markovian process algebraHayden, RA; Bradley, JT
15-Jan-2010LEAP: Learning embeddings for atlas propagationWolz, R; Aljabar, P; Hajnal, JV; Hammers, A; Rueckert, D
30-Sep-2010Markup languages for in silico oncologyJohnson, D; Cooper, J; McKeever, S; Stamatakos, G; Dionysiou, D
30-Nov-2010Efficient Reinforcement Learning using Gaussian ProcessesDeisenroth, MP; Hanebeck, UD
9-Feb-2010Hawkes process as a model of social interactions: a view on video dynamicsMitchell, L; Cates, ME
1-Dec-2010State-Space Inference and Learning with Gaussian ProcessesTurner, R; Deisenroth, MP; Rasmussen, CE; Teh, YW; Titterington, M
1-May-2010Enforcing User Privacy in Web Applications using ErlangPietzuch, P; Papagiannis, I; Migliavacca, M; Eyers, D; Shand, B, et al
1-Mar-2010Accelerating Publish/Subscribe Matching on Reconfigurable Supercomputing PlatformsPietzuch, P; Tsoi, KH; Papagiannis, I; Migliavacca, M; Luk, W
28-Nov-2010Multiparty Symmetric Sum TypesNielsen, L; Yoshida, N; Honda, K; Fröschle, S; Valencia, FD
6-Feb-2010Session-based programming for parallel algorithms: Expressiveness and performanceBejleri, A; Hu, R; Yoshida, N; Beresford, AR; Gay, S